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Birth Stones

Month and meaning

January  : Garnet (constancy) 

February : Amethyst (sincerity )

March : Bloodstone, Aquamarine (courage) 

April : Diamond (innocence ) 

May: Emerald (love, success )

June : Pearl, Moonstone or  Alexandrite (health and longevity)

July : Ruby (contentment )

August : Sardonyx, Peridot (married happiness)

September : Sapphire (clear thinking)

October : Opal, Tourmaline (hope)

November : Topaz (fidelity)

December : Turquoise, Zircon (prosperity)




January : Carnation, Snowdrop

February  : Violet, Primrose 

March : Jonquil, Daffodil

April  : Sweet Pea, Daisy

May : Lily of the Valley, Hawthorn

June : Rose, Honeysuckle

July : Larkspur, Water Lily

August : Poppy, Gladiolus

September : Aster, Morning Glory

October : Calendula , Cosmos

November : Chrysanthemum

December : Narcissus, Holly

Old and Modern Gifts

1st - Paper (Clocks)

2nd - Cotton (China)

3rd - Leather (Crystal, Glass)

4th - Linen, Silk (Electrical Appliances)

5th - Wood (Silverware)

6th - Iron (Wood)

7th - Wool, Copper , (Desk Sets, Pen -Pencil Sets)

8th - Bronze (Linen, Laces)

9th - Pottery, China (Leather)

10th - Tin, Aluminium (Diamond Jewellery)

11th - Steel (Fashion Jewellery, Accessories )

12th - Silk (Pearls, Coloured Gems)

13th - Lace (Textiles, Furs)

14th - Ivory (Gold Jewellery)

15th - Crystal (Watches)

20th - China (Platinum)

25th - Silver (Sterling Silver)

30th - Pearl (Diamond)

35th - Coral (Jade)

40th - Ruby (Ruby)

45th - Sapphire (Sapphire)

50th - Gold (Gold)

55th - Emerald (Emerald)

60th - Diamond (Diamond)


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